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Rose River Farm Natural Black Angus Beef

Rose River Beef

Grass fed Black Angus

We offer a limited number of sides and quarter sides of our famous Black Angus steers. Our beef has no manufactured hormones or unnecessary antibiotics and is grazed on the rolling green pastures of Rose River Farm. The cattle drink from cool spring fed watering troughs. They dine on red and white clover and orchard grass to produce excellent beef for your table.

We process the cattle at 900 to 1,000 lbs instead of the commercial size of 1,200 to 1,400 lbs. We will have the cattle processed by a certified butcher that will age and flash freeze the beef to perfection. The smaller size and grass fed nature of the beef produces a tender flavorful beef that is lower in fat and tastes great.

A side of beef will weigh in at around 400 lbs. A half side would be 200 lbs. You get all of the cuts from T-bone steaks to hamburger meat. We are planning to arrange for a bulk delivery to Northern Virginia sometime in Spring. Please email us at to get on the reservation list.

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